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PostHeaderIcon Does Alumni Giving Boost Rankings?

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, U.S. News and World report “considers alumni giving as ‘a proxy for alumni satisfaction.’ For boosting rankings, it’s not the amount of the alumni donation that matters, but the percentage of alumni who give.

donorbadge users have reported significant increase in the numbers of donors, simply because donorbadge increases the institution’s exposure via network effects. One institution experienced a 100% increase in its participation rate for one campaign.

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PostHeaderIcon The Social Media Donation Multiplication Effect

Let me guess, you have a friend who is involved in a Team-in-Training triathlon, marathon, or Iditarod, and she has asked you (and all your friends) to contribute. If you’re anything like me, your friend’s personal request usually works. Or maybe your local public radio station caught your attention with a major challenge grant that was just about to slip away…if you hadn’t called right away? Or perhaps your company matches your donations, and that thought of your boss making out a check to your favorite charity was simply irresistible?

Let’s face it, there’s a kind of community effect to these fundraising strategies that donors find appealing. First of all, everyone’s doing it. Second of all, my dollar actually may actually buy me two or more dollars of benefit to one of my favorite organizations.

donorbadge enables organizations to tap into these multiplication and community effects. When a donor posts a badge to her Facebook page, it’s as if she’s running that marathon or making that challenge grant—and encouraging all of her buddies to follow her lead. She’s no longer an individual donor—she’s leveraging his gift to make a greater impact.

To reinforce this multiplication effect, think about creating customized messages that can convey to your constituencies the value of sharing donorbadges with their network of friends.

PostHeaderIcon Ideas for Your Back-to-School Campaign

Back-to-school means new classes, new friends and roommates, new clothes, and the start of a great opportunity. Tap into your alum’s nostalgia with a special donorbadge campaign. Even if most of your donations come through your generic school badge, a new badge draws attention and gives you the opportunity to reach alumni through their diverse sets of memories and activities.

Here are a just a couple of ideas that donorbadge invites you to adapt for your special back-to-school campaign:


Until the end of September, donorbadge is giving all new and current subscribers one extra badge for the back-to-school and future campaigns. These complimentary Badges will be active for one year and can be modified and reused for future campaigns. If you choose, donorbadge will also help you adapt the designs shown in this post for your campaign at no additional cost. Your organization must be a subscriber to the donorbadge service in order to take advantage of this offer. Not yet a subscriber?  Contact us or join our free webinar.

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PostHeaderIcon Colleges investing in social media “report positive impacts in… website hits, positioning, and alumni-giving rates.”

A July 2010 report on marketing spending at colleges and universities, revealed that more institutions are using social media, and that it’s an effective choice:  “Moderate-to-heavy investors were more likely to report positive impacts in three important areas: website hits, positioning, and alumni-giving rates… One final point of interest regarding social media use: The moderate-to-heavy users of social media were actually spending less overall per student on marketing activities.”

Fundraisers have an increasing awareness that traditional by-mail direct mail campaigns and advertising no longer have the same success rate, and that email and phone calls can be evaded via spam filters, voicemail, and caller ID. Also, as was well-documented by the Socialnomics blog, book, and break-out hit YouTube video, social media is  no longer a fad—word of mouth the primary method by which people discover and act. And, while social media requires investment of staff time and expertise that may not initially result in donations, it is increasingly important and difficult to stay in touch with alums.

PostHeaderIcon Slideshow, “Implementing a Social Media Marketing Campaign for Fundraising” provides useful tips

In her presentation “Implementing a Social Media Marketing Campaign for Fundraising” for CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education), Julie Chiron of UC Berkeley featured donorbadge as their social media solution for their New Alumni Challenge. The presentation notes that in a two month period, the UC Berkeley badge was seen by as many as 10,000 through the activities of just 70 donors. What does this mean for institutions? Increased exposure to the institution’s brand, and an increased likelihood that other donors will join the party.