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PostHeaderIcon Making the Most of the Facebook Newsfeed

The blog “ReadWriteWeb” reports that Facebook is putting more emphasis on the newsfeed over individual profile pages. Users appear to be following Facebook’s leads by not visiting friends’ profile pages as often.

So what does that mean for donorbadge users? donorbadge makes it easy to deploy a social media campaign that will increase exposure for your alumni. Accompanying every campaign with a donorbadge component makes it more likely that your alumni will be exposed to your message in their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkeIn newsfeeds.

A second strategy is to utilize creative badges and relevant template messages to motivate your alumni and their friends to post and comment. The goal here is to raise the ranking of donorbadge messages under “top news,” the default view for Facebook users. Fortunately, donorbadge administrative tools mean that it takes less than an hour to set up or revise your badges, template messages, and Facebook fan feed.

donorbadge technologists continually monitor the Facebook development roadmap to enhance the ability for donorbadge users to get their message in front of their alumni. Please don’t hesitate to  contact us if you have any questions.