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Archive for January, 2012

PostHeaderIcon New Video on Why Nonprofits and Institutions of Higher Education Would Want to Leverage Social Networks

We have just posted a new video! Why would nonprofits and institutions of higher education want to leverage social networks for acknowledging donors and raising awareness of their campaigns? This video explains the trends and shows how new software tools can make it easy for organizations to keep their constituents engaged.

The video is part of a series of videos demonstrating donorbadge. If you’d like to see the whole series, sign up here.

PostHeaderIcon donorbadge and the Facebook Timeline

The Facebook Timeline has arrived for most Facebook users. Facebook describes timeline as “your collection of the photos, stories, and experiences that tell your story.”

An institution’s donorbadges can be part of that story for students, parents, and alumni. A donorbadge post appears on the timeline just like any other linked image.

Facebook determines what and how posts appear on the timeline based on the type of post (e.g. photo, video, link, status update), who posted it, and how active the response (comments, likes) among friends. However, users can also customize their timeline by featuring or hiding posts.

If you have any questions about donorbadge and timeline, don’t hesitate to contact us.