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PostHeaderIcon donorbadge Tutorial: Publish donorbadge in Facebook Fan pages

Donor badge offers an effective way to appeal to the fans in your fan page  to support the institution.  It can be used to craft an appeal during time critical periods such as fiscal/calendar year-ends, challenge periods, events and more.  Some of the benefits from this approach include :

  • Conversion of fans into donors by using donorbadge as a reward and donor recognition tool
  • A new opportunity to reach out to the Fans, especially ahead of deadlines
  • Ability to measure the response (click through) using donorbadge reports
  • Increased awareness (viral propagation) from new donors getting their own donorbadge

We have created a brief tutorial that describes how you can take advantage of this donorbadge feature and make a successful gift appeal in Facebook fan pages.

Let us know your feedback/suggestions/ideas regarding this feature and more.

PostHeaderIcon Coming soon! donorbadge on license plates

California license plate with UC Berkeley donorbadge

Well, I am just kidding for now, but this may be a real possibility if California and other states adopt the law that would allow electronic license plates on our vehicles.  States are pursuing this technology as a means to generate additional revenue.

The device would display ads or other messages when the vehicle is stopped for more than 4 seconds.  According to one of the companies developing this technology, Smart Plate, this could also be used to display the driver’s allegiance to alma mater or sports team.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could share your donorbadge with the world by publishing it to your license plate with the click of a button?   Looks like that day is not far off.

PostHeaderIcon Virtual Badges for Social Media Campaigns

Sprint is about to launch a social media marketing campaign tonight for its new 4G phone using virtual badges.  Users must perform a set of tasks to get the unique badges which they can then share with their friends in Facebook and Twitter and brag about being the first to do those tasks.

Apart from Sprint, several other companies are using virtual badges to engage the users and spread the word about their product or service .   Recently, Wall Street Journal teamed up with Foursquare to offer its own badges.  Huffington Post is offering virtual badges to its most active users.   Foursquare has made it easy for thousands of small businesses to offer virtual badges to customers.  And of course, several education institutions have been giving donorbadge to its supporters since August 2009.

Virtual badges is a win-win for both the users and the organization.   The users enjoy collecting the badges and sharing(or bragging) in their social networks.  In the case of education and non-profit institutions, the supporters display the badges with pride and appreciation.

For the organizations, badges are a great way to engage its constituents and spread the word in social networks.   Badges are easy to set-up.   Unlike traditional marketing campaigns including email campaigns, there is hardly any production work(content creation) involved in creating a badge.  As a result, the overall cost of this approach is much lower than traditional marketing campaigns.

Any organization that is interested in creating a word of mouth campaign for its product, service or fundraising should seriously consider using virtual badges.

PostHeaderIcon Welcome to donorbadge’s blog!

Welcome to donorbadge’s blog.  I look forward to chatting with you regarding leveraging social networks for Annual giving and more!