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PostHeaderIcon donorbadge Tutorial: Publish donorbadge in Facebook Fan pages

Donor badge offers an effective way to appeal to the fans in your fan page  to support the institution.  It can be used to craft an appeal during time critical periods such as fiscal/calendar year-ends, challenge periods, events and more.  Some of the benefits from this approach include :

  • Conversion of fans into donors by using donorbadge as a reward and donor recognition tool
  • A new opportunity to reach out to the Fans, especially ahead of deadlines
  • Ability to measure the response (click through) using donorbadge reports
  • Increased awareness (viral propagation) from new donors getting their own donorbadge

We have created a brief tutorial that describes how you can take advantage of this donorbadge feature and make a successful gift appeal in Facebook fan pages.

Let us know your feedback/suggestions/ideas regarding this feature and more.

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