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PostHeaderIcon Ideas for Your Back-to-School Campaign

Back-to-school means new classes, new friends and roommates, new clothes, and the start of a great opportunity. Tap into your alum’s nostalgia with a special donorbadge campaign. Even if most of your donations come through your generic school badge, a new badge draws attention and gives you the opportunity to reach alumni through their diverse sets of memories and activities.

Here are a just a couple of ideas that donorbadge invites you to adapt for your special back-to-school campaign:


Until the end of September, donorbadge is giving all new and current subscribers one extra badge for the back-to-school and future campaigns. These complimentary Badges will be active for one year and can be modified and reused for future campaigns. If you choose, donorbadge will also help you adapt the designs shown in this post for your campaign at no additional cost. Your organization must be a subscriber to the donorbadge service in order to take advantage of this offer. Not yet a subscriber?  Contact us or join our free webinar.

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