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PostHeaderIcon Upcoming webinar – Volunteer Campaigns Tuesday, May 15

VolunteerCampaignsTM is a peer-to-peer solicitation tool that provides real time information to your volunteers and helps them finish their tasks in a few steps. It lets you manage your volunteers from a central platform and provides better visibility into their activities.

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PostHeaderIcon UC Berkeley Creates Help Videos for VolunteerCampaigns

UC Berkeley has released a great series of help videos to show its volunteers how this simple tool can help them make a real impact for The Campaign for Berkeley.

PostHeaderIcon Show Love to Your Alma Mater

It’s Valentine’s Day–no better day to give a surprise gift to your alma mater.

For institutions who use donorbadge, consider designing and quick and fun Valentine’s Day badge to send out to your supporters. Love your donors by helping them show their love for you!