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PostHeaderIcon How limited staff time holds back social media activities—and what you can do about it

Limited staff time is what prevents colleges and universities from utilizing social media to its full potential, a new report finds. The goal for most of the respondents was to engage with their alumni, and they felt that social media would be an important method for doing so.

Imagine that your average one-way social media campaign (writing blog posts, tweeting, and maintaining FB fan pages requires about 10 hours/month, and the average salary of the employee assigned to the task (including benefits) is $50,000. That means that the institution would spend about $2900, at a minimum, for social media staff time.

Initiating, maintaining, and tracking donorbadge campaigns takes about two hours per month. So by spending just $625 per year in staff time, institutions can launch a social media campaign that inspires their donors and alumni to work for them. donorbadge doesn’t just have to be about rewarding donors, it can also be used for promoting events, thanking season ticket holders, and publicizing major institutional accolades.

contact us to find out how donorbadge can help your institution start an effective social media campaign without overburdening your staff.