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PostHeaderIcon The Social Media Donation Multiplication Effect

Let me guess, you have a friend who is involved in a Team-in-Training triathlon, marathon, or Iditarod, and she has asked you (and all your friends) to contribute. If you’re anything like me, your friend’s personal request usually works. Or maybe your local public radio station caught your attention with a major challenge grant that was just about to slip away…if you hadn’t called right away? Or perhaps your company matches your donations, and that thought of your boss making out a check to your favorite charity was simply irresistible?

Let’s face it, there’s a kind of community effect to these fundraising strategies that donors find appealing. First of all, everyone’s doing it. Second of all, my dollar actually may actually buy me two or more dollars of benefit to one of my favorite organizations.

donorbadge enables organizations to tap into these multiplication and community effects. When a donor posts a badge to her Facebook page, it’s as if she’s running that marathon or making that challenge grant—and encouraging all of her buddies to follow her lead. She’s no longer an individual donor—she’s leveraging his gift to make a greater impact.

To reinforce this multiplication effect, think about creating customized messages that can convey to your constituencies the value of sharing donorbadges with their network of friends.

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