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PostHeaderIcon Virtual Badges for Social Media Campaigns

Sprint is about to launch a social media marketing campaign tonight for its new 4G phone using virtual badges.  Users must perform a set of tasks to get the unique badges which they can then share with their friends in Facebook and Twitter and brag about being the first to do those tasks.

Apart from Sprint, several other companies are using virtual badges to engage the users and spread the word about their product or service .   Recently, Wall Street Journal teamed up with Foursquare to offer its own badges.  Huffington Post is offering virtual badges to its most active users.   Foursquare has made it easy for thousands of small businesses to offer virtual badges to customers.  And of course, several education institutions have been giving donorbadge to its supporters since August 2009.

Virtual badges is a win-win for both the users and the organization.   The users enjoy collecting the badges and sharing(or bragging) in their social networks.  In the case of education and non-profit institutions, the supporters display the badges with pride and appreciation.

For the organizations, badges are a great way to engage its constituents and spread the word in social networks.   Badges are easy to set-up.   Unlike traditional marketing campaigns including email campaigns, there is hardly any production work(content creation) involved in creating a badge.  As a result, the overall cost of this approach is much lower than traditional marketing campaigns.

Any organization that is interested in creating a word of mouth campaign for its product, service or fundraising should seriously consider using virtual badges.

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