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VolunteerCampaigns™ is Magical – Presentation by UC Berkeley

Thanks to Laurent de Janvry at UC Berkeley for showing off VolunteerCampaigns™ in this presentation on software tools for enhancing your fundraising and volunteer activities.

Go to 55:10-1:05 of the video to see a brief demonstration of the features available to institutions as part of VolunteerCampaigns™ and how UC Berkeley is using it for volunteer success.

To quote the moderator’s at the end of the presentation:

Awesome…. unbelievable powerful tool in using volunteers, maximizing their impact, doing it efficiently, giving them the tools and… at a low cost. Wow.

To see a full demonstration of VolunteerCampaigns™, sign up for one of our free webinars.

Upcoming webinar – Volunteer Campaigns Tuesday, May 15

VolunteerCampaignsTM is a peer-to-peer solicitation tool that provides real time information to your volunteers and helps them finish their tasks in a few steps. It lets you manage your volunteers from a central platform and provides better visibility into their activities.

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UC Berkeley Creates Help Videos for VolunteerCampaigns

UC Berkeley has released a great series of help videos to show its volunteers how this simple tool can help them make a real impact for The Campaign for Berkeley.

Reach More Donors, Raise More Money: Announcing VolunteerCampaigns, Powered by Orbees

VolunteerCampaigns, powered by Orbees Higher Education, is peer-to-peer solicitation support software that enables institutions to involve more of their supporters in their campaigns.

The Orbees staff worked closely with UC Berkeley to develop the solution. “The feedback from UC Berkeley’s staff and volunteers was invaluable,” Ramesh Surapaneni, Orbees founder and CEO said. “We recognized that simplicity and performance were the most important features.”

The new technology is easy for volunteers to use and transformative for fundraising staff. VolunteerCampaigns optimizes matching of volunteers to donors. The simple rating and commenting system gives volunteers a voice in the selection process while providing relevant feedback to staff. Through activity alerts, workflow tools, and snapshot reporting, VolunteerCampaigns enables volunteers to realize greater personal contact with prospective donors, and to respond immediately to a donor’s activity. Volunteers also have instant, real-time access to the status of their efforts.

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Show Love to Your Alma Mater

It’s Valentine’s Day–no better day to give a surprise gift to your alma mater.

For institutions who use donorbadge, consider designing and quick and fun Valentine’s Day badge to send out to your supporters. Love your donors by helping them show their love for you!

New Video on Why Nonprofits and Institutions of Higher Education Would Want to Leverage Social Networks

We have just posted a new video! Why would nonprofits and institutions of higher education want to leverage social networks for acknowledging donors and raising awareness of their campaigns? This video explains the trends and shows how new software tools can make it easy for organizations to keep their constituents engaged.

The video is part of a series of videos demonstrating donorbadge. If you’d like to see the whole series, sign up here.

donorbadge and the Facebook Timeline

The Facebook Timeline has arrived for most Facebook users. Facebook describes timeline as “your collection of the photos, stories, and experiences that tell your story.”

An institution’s donorbadges can be part of that story for students, parents, and alumni. A donorbadge post appears on the timeline just like any other linked image.

Facebook determines what and how posts appear on the timeline based on the type of post (e.g. photo, video, link, status update), who posted it, and how active the response (comments, likes) among friends. However, users can also customize their timeline by featuring or hiding posts.

If you have any questions about donorbadge and timeline, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How limited staff time holds back social media activities—and what you can do about it

Limited staff time is what prevents colleges and universities from utilizing social media to its full potential, a new report finds. The goal for most of the respondents was to engage with their alumni, and they felt that social media would be an important method for doing so.

Imagine that your average one-way social media campaign (writing blog posts, tweeting, and maintaining FB fan pages requires about 10 hours/month, and the average salary of the employee assigned to the task (including benefits) is $50,000. That means that the institution would spend about $2900, at a minimum, for social media staff time.

Initiating, maintaining, and tracking donorbadge campaigns takes about two hours per month. So by spending just $625 per year in staff time, institutions can launch a social media campaign that inspires their donors and alumni to work for them. donorbadge doesn’t just have to be about rewarding donors, it can also be used for promoting events, thanking season ticket holders, and publicizing major institutional accolades.

contact us to find out how donorbadge can help your institution start an effective social media campaign without overburdening your staff.

Making the Most of the Facebook Newsfeed

The blog “ReadWriteWeb” reports that Facebook is putting more emphasis on the newsfeed over individual profile pages. Users appear to be following Facebook’s leads by not visiting friends’ profile pages as often.

So what does that mean for donorbadge users? donorbadge makes it easy to deploy a social media campaign that will increase exposure for your alumni. Accompanying every campaign with a donorbadge component makes it more likely that your alumni will be exposed to your message in their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkeIn newsfeeds.

A second strategy is to utilize creative badges and relevant template messages to motivate your alumni and their friends to post and comment. The goal here is to raise the ranking of donorbadge messages under “top news,” the default view for Facebook users. Fortunately, donorbadge administrative tools mean that it takes less than an hour to set up or revise your badges, template messages, and Facebook fan feed.

donorbadge technologists continually monitor the Facebook development roadmap to enhance the ability for donorbadge users to get their message in front of their alumni. Please don’t hesitate to  contact us if you have any questions.

Does Alumni Giving Boost Rankings?

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, U.S. News and World report “considers alumni giving as ‘a proxy for alumni satisfaction.’ For boosting rankings, it’s not the amount of the alumni donation that matters, but the percentage of alumni who give.

donorbadge users have reported significant increase in the numbers of donors, simply because donorbadge increases the institution’s exposure via network effects. One institution experienced a 100% increase in its participation rate for one campaign.

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